Macquarie Neurosurgery offers the following fellowship and registrar training opportunities:

  1. Vascular Fellowship
  2. General Registrar

Our Cerebrovascular Fellowship runs from July to June. Applications close at the end of July 2018 for the July 2019 Fellowship, with interviews held in August 2018.

Our General Registrar positions run from February to January. Applications close at the end of July 2018 for the February 2019 intake, with interviews held in August/September 2018. 

Requirements for application:

  • Medical degree registerable in Australia with AHPRA https://www.ahpra.gov.au/
  • Updated CV and Cover Letter outlining your interest and suitability in the fellowship
  • Proficiency in the OET or IELTS English language (written, spoken and reading). Evidence must be submitted at time of application. https://www.ielts.org/ 

**Potential applicants please note: The English language requirements must be satisfied before you apply for a fellowship with Macquarie Neurosurgery. This includes meeting the required score of 7 or above in all components of the IELTS test https://www.ielts.org/ or a Grade B in the OET https://www.occupationalenglishtest.org/. Applicants who have not met this requirement will not be considered for a fellowship with Macquarie Neurosurgery**

If you have satisfied these requirements, please select the corresponding fellowship and upload your CV, cover letter and evidence of completed IELTS or OET exam

View our current and former fellow profiles here