Dr Andrew S. Davidson



Dr Davidson is a neurosurgeon at Macquarie University Hospital.  His clinical interests include the multidisciplinary management of brain tumours, pituitary and skull base surgery (including minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery), and cerebrovascular surgery.  He has been the Macquarie University Tumour Program Lead since its inception in 2012 and is Chair of the Neuro-oncology and Pituitary Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT).

Dr Davidson consults at four locations within Sydney – at Macquarie University, Penrith, the Hills District (Bella Vista), and the CBD (Macquarie Street). He manages the entire range of neurosurgical conditions, including tumours of the brain & spine, vascular disorders of the brain & spine (aneurysms, AVMs, and cavernomas), trauma, hydrocephalus, and degenerative spine conditions.

Dr Davidson is a Senior Lecturer with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Macquarie University.  His academic interests include the functional assessment of brain tumour patients, and the development and delivery of a program of Evidence-Based Practice across the spectrum of medical training. Dr Davidson has a strong interest in medical and surgical education, and is an executive committee member of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons’ (RACS) Academy of Surgical Educators. He regularly teaches on the RACS Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators course, as well as the Surgical Teachers Course.

Dr Davidson has published over 25 articles and book chapters, and his work has been widely cited in the scientific literature. He has presented at local, national, and international meetings, including the World Congress of Neurological Surgery and the European Skull Base Society. He teaches on anatomy and surgical approach workshops, particularly in the area of extended endoscopic skull base surgery.

Clinical expertise

Dr Davidson’s neurosurgical interests include the multidisciplinary management of brain tumours, pituitary and skull base surgery (including minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery), and cerebrovascular surgery.  He has been the Neuro-Oncology Tumour Program Lead, and Chair of the Macquarie University Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) since its inception in 2012.

In particular, Dr Davidson treats all benign and malignant tumours of the nervous system, including brain, skull, spine, and peripheral nerve tumours.  He works in collaboration with a team of surgical specialists, such as ENT/rhinology, neuro-ophthalmology, orthopaedic, maxillo-facial, and plastic and reconstructive surgeons.  As chair of the brain tumour MDT, he works closely with other medical specialists, including radiation and medical oncologists, neuropathologists, neuroradiologists, and endocrinologists.

Dr Davidson operates at Macquarie University Hospital as well as being a Visiting Medical Officer at Nepean Hospital. He consults at Macquarie University and Nepean. Dr Davidson sees public and private patients in his rooms.

Research interests

Dr Davidson was awarded a Master of Surgery from University of Sydney in 2006 for his work on dural arteriovenous malformations.  He also completed doctoral research at Macquarie University, and was awarded his PhD in 2014.  His laboratory research focused on improving safety and efficacy in the management of brain AVMs. 

More recently, he has been involved in several clinical research projects relating to improving the management of brain tumours.  This work has arisen through collaboration with researchers from Macquarie University’s clinical psychology department, and the physics department.  Future projects will involve researchers from the neuropsychology, radiology, neuro-ophthalmology, and physiotherapy departments.

Dr Davidson has also been involved in collecting tumour samples for further laboratory research into pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of brain tumours.  At present, this involves providing samples to a pituitary tumour biobank, with plans to extend to collecting tissue specimens from all brain tumour types in 2015/2016.

Academic interests

Dr Davidson has been a part of Macquarie University since 2008, and has recently been appointed as a Senior Lecturer with the newly-established Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.  He co-ordinates a program of academic meetings for neurosurgeons and scholars at Macquarie University Hospital, and in conjunction with Macquarie University’s clinical librarian, designs and runs the Evidence-Based Practice unit of study at Macquarie University.

He has authored more than 20 publications and presented at more than 30 national and international meetings on topics ranging from brain tumours, brain aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations, evidence-based practice and medical education.  Dr Davidson has also been on the faculty for meetings of the World Congress of Neurological Surgery, European Skull Base Society, and Neurorhinology workshops.


A minute with Dr. Andrew Davidson