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Tumour surgery

Spinal and Brain Tumour Surgery

Renowned expertise in tumour surgery and niche procedures

Macquarie Neurosurgery surgeons are at the forefront of spinal and brain tumour surgery in Australia.

Combining a cutting-edge standard of care with the latest surgical equipment, the team of medical specialists are skilled in niche and complex spinal and brain tumour treatments.

From the time of diagnosis, through all facets of treatment and beyond, tumour surgery patients receive a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary care approach. Our specialist tumour surgeons perform hundreds of complex tumour treatments every year, the practice surgeons are leaders in the field of tumour surgery.

Benign and Malignant Spinal or Brain Tumours

Adult patients with any type of spinal or brain tumour in any location can be cared for by the surgical specialists at Macquarie Neurosurgery. The tumour surgeons specialise in both malignant and benign tumours.

The most common types of tumours are:

  • Meningioma - a tumour that arises from the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord

  • Glioma - a type of tumour that starts in the brain or spinal cord, arising from glial cells

  • Metastasis - a secondary tumour arising from cancer elsewhere in the body

  • Pituitary tumours - a tumour arising from pituitary gland


Multi-disciplinary team approach

Regardless of which specialist or doctor your referral comes from, you will be treated by a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team of tumour specialists and health professionals.

Your spinal or brain tumour surgeons will work closely with trainees, radiologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, pathologists, psychologists and other allied health professionals involved in your care.

You may be presented with a choice between surgery and upfront radiotherapy. Macquarie Neurosurgery’s surgeons will discuss your case with their multi-disciplinary team before you undergo any sort of treatment.

This collaborative approach is designed to achieve the best possible treatment and outcome for you.

Patient-centred care

Macquarie Neurosurgery’s patient-centred focus ensures you will always have the best of care - regardless of the location of your tumour and the treatment or surgical option you need.

Your case will be reviewed by the team at a multi-disciplinary team meeting. Every specialist involved in the treatment of your tumour will play a role in determining the optimal approach for you.

You’ll be cared for by health professionals who have specific experience in your type of tumour - as well as surgeons with surgical expertise in the type of surgery you require. Your team will be working together to ensure all necessary steps, tests and appointments are organised as quickly and efficiently as possible

Cutting-edge tumour surgery techniques

Brain tumour surgeons at Macquarie Neurosurgery utilise the most modern tumour surgery techniques to ensure you’re receiving the most current level of care, including:

  • Minimally invasive and endoscopic surgery

  • Intraoperative CT

  • Computer-assisted brain surgery

  • Awake brain surgery (see below) 


State-of-the-art surgical care

Macquarie Neurosurgery’s surgical team provide an exceptionally high standard of surgical care and operating equipment.

  • Ultramodern operative equipment - the operating theatres at Macquarie Neurosurgery are equipped with advanced neuro-navigation equipment - including operating microscopes with the ability to perform fluorescence-guided tumour surgery.

  • First intraoperative CT scanner in Australia - this allows surgeons to scan patients during their operations and then immediately verify the results of the procedure.

  • The latest endoscopic minimally invasive surgical techniques - allowing surgeons to perform all types of tumour surgery through the smallest possible surgical corridor, without compromising tumour resection or safety. 


Awake brain tumour surgery 

Tumour surgeons at Macquarie Neurosurgery are skilled in awake brain surgery. This technique aims to ensure minimal harm to patients who have tumours in critical locations in the brain, allowing the surgeons to remove as much of the tumour as is safe to do so.

Post-surgical tumour treatment

When your spinal or brain tumour surgery has been completed, your team of specialists will work together to make decisions about the most favourable follow-up treatment for you. Macquarie Neurosurgery specialists have access to the most modern oncology techniques, delivered by a highly skilled team of medical and radiation oncology specialists.

Ongoing care and support

After your procedure, your surgeons and oncologists will continue to monitor you. You’ll be provided with ongoing care, supported by the multi-disciplinary team - including physiotherapy and rehabilitation services if required.

Constant learning

Tumour surgeons at Macquarie Neurosurgery focus not only on excellent clinical care but also on educating future neurosurgeons. They participate in neurosurgical research and are committed to transferring their knowledge of procedures and innovations to all patients. Macquarie Neurosurgery’s alliance with Macquarie University & Macquarie University Hospital allows for the advancement of all areas of neurosurgery.