Festschrift to Honour Professor Michael Morgan's Retirement

On Monday 27 August 2018 Macquarie University hosted a Festschrift seminar and dinner to honour Professor Michael Morgan's achievements and retirement.

A Festschrift is traditionally a book containing a collection of writings celebrating the scholarly achievements of an academic, with essays from colleagues, students and friends. Professor Michael Morgan’s immense contributions to academic neurosurgery, to medical education and especially to the creation of a new approach to academic medicine at Macquarie University unquestionably demand a celebration. 

Festschrift Speakers with Prof. Michael MorganProf. Bruce S Dowton and Prof. Michael Morgan 

Our speakers (L-R):Professor Bruce S. Dowton with Professor Michael Morgan 

(Back) Dr Nazih Assaad, Professor Andreas Raabe, Associate Professor Miikka Korja,
Assistant Professor Nirav Patel, Associate Professor Timo Koivisto, Mr Daniel Walsh,
(Front) Dr Ramez Kirollos, Dr Chris Wallace, Professor Kazuhiro Hongo, Dr David Bervini,
Associate Professor John Laidlaw, Associate Professor Edward Mee, Professor Michael Morgan,
Dr Markus Wiedmann, Professor Tor Ingebrigtsen, Professor Marcus Stoodley, Professor Ying Mao,

Prof. Morgan and Fellows 

Professor Michael Morgan with some of his past fellows and researchers (L-R):

Dr Markus Wiedmann, Dr Leon Lai, Associate Professor Miikka Korja,Professor Michael Morgan, Dr David Bervini, Assistant Professor Nirav Patel