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Preparing for your appointment


Prior to arriving for your appointment please remember to obtain and bring the following:

  • Current x-rays and/or scans. If you are unable to obtain your scans/x-rays please call our office to discuss your options. (Failure to bring images may require an additional appointment so that the doctor can properly assess your condition.)

  • Current referral from your GP or specialist. This is necessary for you to receive partial reimbursement from Medicare for the appointment.

  • Medicare, DVA, Private Health Insurance and Pension card as applicable.

  • A form of payment. We ask for full payment at the time of appointment and are happy to process the claim with Medicare for you.

  • A support person is always welcome.


Once you arrive at our clinic, the reception staff will ask you to complete a patient information form. The information on this form is only for our records and will never be released or distributed without your consent. We encourage you to complete the form prior to your scheduled appointment time to prevent any delays. Patient Information Form.

Depending on the surgeon, you may be asked to complete additional health questionnaires. These forms are to better gauge the impact the condition has had on your day to day life. This information may be used to further advance the understanding and treatment of neurosurgical and spinal conditions.

During your consultation

Macquarie Neurosurgery is committed to furthering the education and development of neurosurgeons. Therefore, during your appointment, prior to seeing your consultant you may be assessed by one of our Neurosurgical Registrars or Fellows. These Scholars will take your history, develop an understanding of your condition and review your scans, at which stage they will present your case to the consultant neurosurgeon.


In keeping with our commitment to continuous improvement and outstanding, compassionate patient care, after your appointment you will be emailed a patient satisfaction survey. We ask you to please take a minute to complete this survey and provide us with candid feedback to help us continuously improve the patient experience you expect and deserve. Patient satisfaction survey.