Dr Shinuo Liu

PhD candidate

Hailing from Sydney, Shinuo is a full time PhD candidate investigating the physiology of cerebrospinal fluid as part of a larger effort to understand the pathogenesis of syringomyelia. He has interrupted his neurosurgical SET training to pursue laboratory research. He is also passionate about medical education and has been a conjunct lecturer and examiner in multiple NSW, QLD and NZ medical schools. Dr Liu graduated from UNSW with MBBS, BSci (hons), and from Macquarie University with a Master of Surgery. He hopes to specialise in paediatric and vascular neurosurgery, and maintain a strong presence in academics and general neurosurgery. His other interests include the culinary arts, portraiture, food safari's, tango, basketball and interplanetary colonisation. He also aspires to play the acoustic guitar well enough to busk on the subways of NYC.